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2008 - Haining Chinese warp knitting garment design contest Ronaldo Cup finals - lace underwear (Figure)

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2008 Haining, China Warp Knitting Garment Design Contest Rhone cup, lace underwear finals on March 14-16, 2008 in Songjiang Campus of Shanghai University of engineering and technology was held.


Clothing general manager Ma Wenming personally for the gold medal winners awarded medals and certificates, and a photo.


gold prize

Works "Qing Dynasty. The dream"

Design Description: Inspiration from the Qing Dynasty was the universal pilgrimage dress patterns. Sacred classical design cover on modern urban Bohemian lively in sexy, dyed the loneliness of long history of luxury and elegance, modern and classical add radiance and beauty to each other increasingly colorful.


silver awards

Works "curtain dream of flowers"

Design Description: open at night flowers, they have the sun so bright eye-catching, but exudes seductive fragrance. Color to black and white ash combined selection of lace, flowers and reveals a hazy gauze of temptation beauty and sensibility of the lines sketched out, saturated with elegant, clean and do not break fashionable female charm.


Works "Purple rhyme"

Design Description: works from the Tang Dynasty underwear "Hezi" and patterns of cloud Wenfeng. The combined with elements of classical Chinese and modern underwear, is intended to reflect the style of different kind of Oriental women. Using three-dimensional cutting method and cutting plane combination of a new interpretation of the Tang Dynasty "Hezi" underwear.



Work "red line"

Design Description: works with a red line pull out of the red and the black, collision, into the red Chinese national classical elements, combined with the modern style of underwear, through a combination of different fabrics, showing women's clever tendril slim and sexy and charming. Red fishes shows a woman of delicate and exquisite, blooming out of women's beauty and self-confidence.


The phantom of the opera "Moonlight" works

Design Description: this series of works in the design of bold innovation, the classic risk curve design and details of carefully cut and polish, vividly showing women's provocative posture. And the sense of art and practicality would like to combine, is the source of the beauty of women.



Design notes: "romantic" -- how comfortable feeling, ineffable but let frantic; "mysterious" -- how attractive taste, such as gone with the wind smoke, Niaorao, let people drunk. However, both "romantic" and "mysterious" Margaret in the face of inquiry, the world is like thousands of roses, standing proudly.


Excellence Award

Works of "Lian"

Design Description: the inspiration comes from China traditional patterns, the patterns like "moire" and "like water". Will this pattern applied to clothing decorative patterns, combined with modern underwear style, make this series of design fully reflects the women's lovely