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Seamless underwear

2016-06-28 17:12:27 Zhejiang Luona Fashion Co.,Ltd. Read

Warmly congratulate the company was invited to participate in the drafting of the specified "Ronald forming a seamless underwear" standard! Full text is as follows: the National Standardization Technical Committee of textile knitwear branch spun completely standard needle secret word (2008), No. 18 on determining the forming a seamless underwear "industry standard drafting unit letter Zhejiang Antai Garments Co., Ltd.: in accordance with the national development and Reform Commission (run industrial 2007]1415 number)" issued a notice of the 2007 textile industry standard project plan "requirements, the forming a seamless underwear" industry standard is 2007 - 2008 to complete the project. Voluntary application by enterprises, National Textile Standards Technical Committee knitwear branch secretary of the research, your company for the forming a seamless underwear "industry standard, one of the main drafting units, the national textile standardization technotogy Committee knitwear branch secretariat will be in accordance with the relevant procedures reported to the national development and Reform Commission and the China Textile Industry Association. Please do the work arrangements, and implement standard drafters. The standard drafting schedule and other specific matters by knitwear branch secretariat unified coordination arrangements. Attached: See Annex specific requirements of national textile Standardization Technical Committee Secretariat knitwear branch.