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Luo Man Di Na to join the brand investment activities are being carried out!


Luona Garment Co., Ltd. invites all over the "LOMEN.DN" brand have a good impression, aspiring to jointly develop the Roman truths nano career, has excellent marketing skills and market development ability, good business reputation and the financial strength, sales experience of merchants to join the underwear and other similar goods of sales. "LOMEN.DN" will be a good reputation, excellent product quality and strong brand promotion ability, dedication for each business partner to seek the maximum profit space, and jointly develop the "LOMEN.DN" brilliant.

Application procedure:


A, apply for personnel to obtain and read the "LOMEN.DN" code to join the code, and other information.

B, fill in the application form and the relevant documents (the applicant's ID card or a copy of the business license).

C, preliminary examination qualified, the company in the form of telephone, fax or letter issued to the applicant to join the qualification confirmation and invitation".

D, agreed to investigate and interview.

E, contract and delivery of the first batch of goods.

H, store decoration and the first distribution, send.

I, official business.


Joining condition:

1, the shop requirements

  The franchisee has independent stores or shopping malls that are suitable for clothing sales, and is awarded the "LOMEN.DN" brand clothing for the following requirements:

  A, stores: business district shops, located in the downtown area, there are other brands around the shop

  B, counters: shopping malls have shop in the shop, special hall or corner hall, people flow, the image of good, there are a series of products of the company's container.

2, the application conditions

  ◎The good impression of "LOMEN.DN" products, like "LOMEN.DN" products;

  ◎With excellent marketing ability and market development ability;

  ◎With good business reputation and have a certain financial strength;

  ◎Can find the corresponding stores or shopping malls counters;

  ◎Provincial agents to have underwear, clothing and similar sales network;

  ◎The holding business license issued by the Chinese government departments can negotiate sign.

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