Zhejiang Luona Fashion Co.,Ltd.


Founded in March 2001 the establishment of the Zhejiang Clothing Co. Ltd. was established the independent brand "LuoManDi"

Company through the ISO9001 quality management system certification.

In 2002, the company invested 8 units to buy equipment, pre shrunk and a.

In 2004, a 3950 square meters plant expansion.

2005 -2011 annual increase of equipment 30.

In 2012, on site management to upgrade, the implementation of 6S management, the same year the company investment of nearly 100 million yuan, buy a fully automatic shrinking machine and plant expansion, building a 1547 square meters.

In 2013, the company implemented data management ERP, and purchased the Italy FAST seamless underwear knitting machine, so that the product quality is more stable, the production efficiency of%20. New yarn with constant temperature and humidity equipment, ensure the stable quality of raw materials.

In 2014 the company IE project started, the company will be the traditional mode of production lines, the company invested nearly 1 million, set up a laboratory. The company became UQ and GU Co processors.

2015 is important a year, the company relocated to the new plant, new plant area of 30000 square meters, Tim Italian fast seamless underwear knitting machine, on-site implementation of data of electronic Kanban management. In the same year, the company more than billion yuan output value.